The Web Part Of Styrene

I was requested to blog more about my actual work instead of the huge flood of off-topic posts that I usually do. So here is a post about Styrene’s web interface end of things. As you may see, one is able to perform a range of package/build “actions” and Styrene is able to handle multiple users as well.

How to use the command line:
– Make a config file like the example provided below
– Load a DB with the required package set and dependencies
– Mark the DB initially to get the latest build information
– Run the koji-que loop in one bash shell to auto build packages
– Run the mark-db every 1+ hours to refresh the DB information

Here is how the back-end of things look:

Usage: styrene <command>	[--db=<db name>] [--release=<release number>] [--kojihub=<koji url>] [--kojitag=<tag name>]
				[--binrepo=<bin repo>] [--srcrepo=<src repo>] [--srcarch=<src arch>]
				[--pkg=<pkg name>] [--state=<pkg state>] [--comment=<pkg comment>] [--override=<envr override>]
				[--num=<general number>] [--time=<time in seconds>]


(Db Operations)
			load-db			Create and load a local database with packages from a specific architecture
			update-db		Append a local database with packages from a specific architecture

(Pkg Info)
			list-unbuilt		Display a list of currently unbuilt packages
			list-ready		List any packages that are ready to be built (all dependencies satisfied)
			pkg-info		Display various package info/stats from the local db
			mark-pkg		Mark a pkg state in the local db

(Koji Info)
			koji-info		Get various info/stats for a pkg from koji
			koji-prev		Print the latest built version of a package if one exists
			koji-equiv		Check to see if koji has a pkg version that is >= to this local db version
			koji-que		Send a package to koji for a build attempt
			koji-tasks		List the current active tasks for this user

(Auto Building)
			mark-db			foreach (list-unbuilt) use (koji-info) to (mark-pkg)
			que-ready		foreach (list-ready) use (koji-tasks) to throttle (koji-que)

(Web Interface)
			cgi-bin			Generate a CSS/HTML/JavaScript (web-based) interface

(Pkg Fixing)
			fix-spec		Attempt to auto-fix a non-building SRPM by auto-merging old spec file changes

(Misc Cmds)
			show-vars		Print the different variable values for info purposes
			show-deps		Look up the related dependencies for a given pkg
			build-model		Run a continuous loop to simulate a build order until the pkgs aren't satisfied (modifies the model field)

			~/.styrene.conf		db = /tmp/ps.db
						kojitag = dist-f13-updates
						release = 13
						binrepo = updates
						srcrepo = updates-source

The Web Part Of Styrene

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