[update] Koji Hosts Page

There is a bug in the code-change I wrote to modify the look of the Koji Build System Hosts page. If the last-update timestamp was blank, it would cause the embedded py script to crash and freeze the page. Below is how the “better” code should read…



      #for $host in $hosts
        <tr class="$util.rowToggle($self)">
        #if ($util.formatTime($host.last_update) != ""):
          #if (($time.time() - $time.mktime($time.strptime($util.formatTime($host.last_update),'%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S'))) < (15 * 60)):
            <td><a href="hostinfo?hostID=$host.id"><font color="green">$host.name</font></a></td>
            <td><a href="hostinfo?hostID=$host.id"><font color="red">$host.name</font></a></td>
          #end if
          <td><a href="hostinfo?hostID=$host.id">$host.name</a></td>
        #end if
          <td class="$str($bool($host.enabled)).lower()">#if $host.enabled then $util.imageTag('yes') else $util.imageTag('no')#</td>
          <td class="$str($bool($host.ready)).lower()">#if $host.ready then $util.imageTag('yes') else $util.imageTag('no')#</td>
      #end for

[update] Koji Hosts Page

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