The Tale Of The Three Tactiles

So I was a little late to the game on mechanical keyboards but I tried my best to catch up in 2022 and so I could try to make it into 2023. The first one I got was the Ducky-Mini with Cherry MX Brown switches which offers a bit of a quieter/smoother version of a tactile switch or a rougher/scratchier version of a linear. This is a good wfh keyboard as it’s not as annoying to type on while in the middle of meetings and it offers more feeling during key travel compared to a linear in addition to lesser sound compared to a clicky. I then picked up a Drop-Alt and put Holy Panda switches in it and the feeling and sound matched more closely to the tactile experience which other reviewers were talking about. It’s a solid and stable keyboard and the key press feedback feeling and sound reminds me more of an olden analogue type writer. It’s a much more enjoyable keyboard to type on — a true tactile experience. I lastly purchased a Matias-Mini with Alps White switches that are both clicky and tactile. This is a fun keyboard to type on for personal projects as it has the same characteristics of the Drop keyboard but with a slightly louder and higher pitched sound to it. It’s a great keyboard for all Mac enthusiasts!

The Tale Of The Three Tactiles

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