BSD PF firewall has one extra scrub option…

The BSD PacketFilter firewall has an extra scrub option which is, “reassemble tcp”. I was researching and exploring the different types of fragmented-packets/segmented-streams of data that could be forwarded within a network that may have a smaller MTU link in the middle of the routing path. I am still reading about what this option does on a streamed session and if Linux has anything similar to it…

Note: nftables has user-land hooks via nfqueue

# nft insert rule ip mangle FORWARD ip daddr tcp dport 53 counter queue num 1

from scapy.layers.inet import IP
from netfilterqueue import NetfilterQueue

def que_packet(pkt):
    pay = pkt.get_payload()
    ipf = IP(pay)

nfqueue = NetfilterQueue()
nfqueue.bind(1, que_packet)



Update: I found that it was a bit complicated trying to understand when optimized network stacks (software or hardware) will combine multiple TCP segments into bigger IP packet payloads and that trying to perform reassembly at that higher level was a bit challenging/difficult. I came up with a way to solve the occasional web site having slow upload speeds for large files by running an nginx transparent reverse proxy server for HTTP/HTTPS instead!

events {
	worker_connections 4096;
http {
	resolver ipv6=off;
	server {
		listen 3128;
		location / {
			proxy_socket_keepalive on;
			proxy_connect_timeout 1m;
			proxy_read_timeout 9h;
			proxy_send_timeout 9h;
			proxy_pass http://$host;
			proxy_set_header Host $host;
stream {
	resolver ipv6=off;
	server {
		listen 3129;
		ssl_preread on;
		proxy_half_close off;
		proxy_socket_keepalive on;
		proxy_connect_timeout 1m;
		proxy_timeout 9h;
		proxy_pass $ssl_preread_server_name:443;
rdr on en0 proto tcp from any to any port 80 -> port 3128
rdr on en0 proto tcp from any to any port 443 -> port 3129
BSD PF firewall has one extra scrub option…

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