Trying to live a simpler life

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So I have been waiting and saving up for the future-rumoured M1X Macbook Pro (while still hanging on to my 2017 Macbook Air, for nearly 5 years now). I also have been trying to support the sales of the iPhone Mini because it’s such a great form factor and size and the rumours are saying that Apple may not produce it next year with the iPhone 14! :/

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Since I have been working from home during this fall/winter season up north, in the woods, I also setup a mini-network here with a nice: UniFi tri-band-ac POE-UAP, Netgear gigabit-ethernet POE-SWITCH, and the famous TP-Link archer C7-V5 OpenWRT ROUTER+FIREWALL. These all make for a great, stable, and reliable home network configuration when used together! 🙂

Trying to live a simpler life

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