Macbook-Pro M1-Max 14 [mega-thread-blog-post]

The beginning of the ARM laptop journey!

[Mon Oct 18 2021 – Pre-order-day]
[Custom build-to-order processing]
[Shipping from a place far far away — AI SHANGHAI, CN]

[UPS – Welp… I’m trying! :/]
[X-RAY Vision]

Well it finally came through! The size and thinness make it very portable at 14-inches, although it does feel a bit heavier in weight, similar to how my old Powerbook G4 felt. The liquid retina display is smoother, crisper, taller, and more vibrant at a 16:10 aspect ratio, in addition to the extra menubar space and smaller bezels. The keyboard key travel feels solid, firm, springy, and has a satisfyingly-mechanical “clickity-clackity” type of sound to it. Speakers are full and warm. Touchpad is responsive and accurate. The old-school ports are back including MagSafe, HDMI, and SD-Card, in addition to the amazing convenience of TouchID. This machine feels like the modern-retro car equivalent of a laptop computer, the way a proper computer should be, for pros!

Cons: One thing missing is the 802.11ac-3×3 radios (it only has a two-by-two)

Intel-free since pre-2023 ! 🙂

[Darwin Kernel 21.1.0 root:xnu-8019.41.5 arm64]

[Extra Battery Savings made for the M1 Max SoC]
Macbook-Pro M1-Max 14 [mega-thread-blog-post]

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