A new MacOS app – ClippyCommand!

So as a Mac/Linux/BSD fan, I’ve posted a few different Microsoft related creations/customizations that I use as a daily reminder of the good old days! Even though I wasn’t the biggest fan of Windows and Explorer, I still tried to make some dock icons to appreciate and represent both of them in the future. I was just missing one last memory of mine, which was, Clippy! I created a new MacOS app that allows you to pipe the copy-paste buffer into a set of your own customized bash shell command line programs and it will rewrite the paste buffer so you are ready to go! This is the second custom app in my dock, along side my DynaDock application.

Source Code: github.com/stoops/ClippyCommand

Some of my more useful and commonly used editing/formatting commands!

A new MacOS app – ClippyCommand!

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