Decided to purchase a domain for 2021

So I thought I’d try something new/different these days and buy a domain again! I’ve purchased some in the past but never made much use of them personally speaking…

Domain Example: []/2021/10/06/…a-domain-for-2021/

I chose Google Domains because they offered some extra valuable & useful features:

  • easy record management
    • whois info privacy
    • backup yaml file
  • email forwarding inbound
    • including mx-records
    • including star-matching
  • web redirection proxying
    • including sub-domains
    • including preserve-paths
    • including https-certificates
  • outbound email records (spf+dmarc)

The only thing I can’t do is send email outbound with a domain address via gmail itself (without an extra smtp server setup) because Google removed the ability to modify the FROM field in the message headers directly with an alias email (it now requires a persistent external smtp auth login)!

Edit: If you can find a third-party smtp mail provider that allows you to add & verify email aliases more easily, you can instruct gmail to connect to that external smtp server with your other account and then you’ll be able to send email from an alias address via gmail directly!

Got a score of 90+ which is not-too-bad for a super-simple domain-name email address!

$ dig txt | grep -i spf		550	IN	TXT	
"v=spf1 ~all"

# dig txt +short | grep '!' | tr -d '"' | base64 -d
Decided to purchase a domain for 2021

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