The Start Of A New Term With Some Great People

I haven’t blogged in a while because it has taken literally weeks upon weeks of trying to bootstrap ARMv6HL for Fedora, pretty much by myself (plus hints from my boss Chris Tyler). I am not a programmer! But anyway, I think it’s coming along to some degree at least (remind me to always respect the complexity of gcc && glibc). In addition to this, I am planning on working with Seneca college for another year and also, this is officially the first time I’ve hit the gym!!! My friend and co-worker Andrew Greene, who has been working hard on various tasks, decided to show me around the machines today which was pretty cool and I already feel a bit better for myself after having gone (hopefully I’ll keep it up). I also have thank my co-workers Jordan and Paul for encouraging me to go in the first place, along with the other life advice they’ve given me. In addition, we got a new team member named Dmitry who’s been pretty much looking after our build farm and making sure all the machines remain up for all the remote users who depend on its availability.

And on a last note, my friend Leopold Antonio Martinez (who’s been like my best friend for life) and I are planning on looking for places to live. He’s helped me out constantly in the past and been there for me all the time. This next step should help me separate from my Italian parents and gain some independence! Thanks Lee 🙂

Anyway, enough of my ranting, here’s hoping for another productive year!

Johnny S.

The Start Of A New Term With Some Great People

One thought on “The Start Of A New Term With Some Great People

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