Really Really Random – I graduated yay! (but not with honours blah…)

Basically just a break-type post (like taking a 5 min break to go outside which all computer people should do btw… stretch and relax those eye balls). Anyway, I just want to show appreciation for the various people who have helped me tremendously along the way!

The first is Chris Tyler (my boss) who is a really really smart and nice guy who has a general yet complete knowledge of how all of this stuff works at levels I can’t even understand (also he can write some incredible SQL statements, I think it’s because of his previous work experience with programming and PostgreSQL… ewwwwww!). Also, anyone reading this should definitely buy his book which covers concepts I still suck at like software RAIDs and LVMs in Linux. You can find it here here or here. Really good stuff!

I’d like to thank Jon Masters who is an insanely smart Linux Kernel Engineer. This guy honestly puts people like me to shame regarding how much in-depth knowledge he has about how computers run at the lowest-levels imaginable. Seriously crazy, but also, he mentioned me in a Linux Weekly News article which made me day, heh! If you need more links just Google his name, his stuff is everywhere pretty much.

On a semi-related note, my friend Drew (who’s a DJ) helped me greatly back in the day when a certain someone (she shall remain nameless) broke my heart :). This guy is note only amazing socially but also technically too. At any rate, you should definitely check out his stuff like Twitter SoundCloud FaceBook. Thanks for your help Drew!

Lastly, the only reason I chose to quit working @ Zehrs and start a new life @ Seneca was because of my friend Sam. Sadly, this guy (like me), doesn’t really participate much in the online social world so I can’t really plug anything for him but I thought I’d give him the last mention in this post. Thanks for guiding me in life man, I owe you!

Really Really Random – I graduated yay! (but not with honours blah…)

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