Tweaking Anaconda To Run On ARM

So I’ve been on this mission to help out with all of the guys doing hard work to try and get ARM pushed as a primary architecture. This means spending countless hours reading a huge Python framework which contains a non-stop mix of classes, libraries and even old C code. After many hours (mainly on the weekend) I have started the process of tailoring the Fedora Anaconda installer to run a bit better on ARM. Please note that I am not releasing anything yet as the code is basically just in “see-if-it-works” mode. I still have to connect it all together behind the scenes to try and get the changes to stick. Anyway, here’s a sneak-peak preview of Anaconda (and hopefully firstboot soon/next) running on one of our ARMv5 Guru machines with F17 on it. Note that the machine’s architecture is displayed up top.

My todo’s left for Anaconda:

  • Place all user configs in the right place
  • Allow for package selection/installation
  • Ensure firstboot works after reboot


Fedora release 17 (Beefy Miracle)
Linux fedora-arm 3.0.9 #11 PREEMPT Fri Feb 3 15:22:48 EST 2012 armv5tel armv5tel armv5tel GNU/Linux

Tweaking Anaconda To Run On ARM

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