Fedora ARM Image Installer (FAII)

So my third "git-worthy" project is called the Fedora ARM Image Installer. It will basically allow one to "easily" convert an SD-Card into a bootable ARM media device. It is written in Python (2 & 3 for Linux & Windows) and it is based on the PyQt4 GUI framework giving it a more native feel for each platform. Below are some screenshots and links!

Source Code (Git Hub)
Binary Program (Fedora People)
Fedora Wiki

Fedora ARM Image Installer (FAII)

3 thoughts on “Fedora ARM Image Installer (FAII)

  1. Hi,

    At first, sorry for my bad english.
    I was tryed run FAII on Windows7 and Fedora, and get many errors in console.
    FAII not working correct if locale not is ‘en_US.UTF-8’.
    I have ru_RU.UTF-8 locale on my Fedora, and FAII don’t recognized usb devices name.
    I think it is parsing error (output of ‘fdisk -l’ command on russian in my enviroment).
    After change locale to en_US.UTF-8 working properly.
    A Windows version has errors similar.

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