Attempting To Finally Contribute

So I haven’t had much to talk about lately due the amount of work given for the last few weeks remaining in school and the building of Fedora 15 for ARMv5 and ARMv7. However, in my spare time, I’ve been trying to contribute positively to the Koji Build System project by submitting mailing list items containing source code unified diff patches. Most of my posts/changes contain feature enhancements requested by other people that I found to be somewhat interesting to code. If you’re interested in viewing the mailing list items, the links can be found below:

Hosts-Page Colour Highlight: [ Ticket ] [ Patch ]
Hosts-Page “Life-Line” Links: [ Ticket ] [ Patch ]
Host-Info Latest-Builds Links: [ Ticket ] [ Patch ]
Koji-Client watch-logs “tail”: [ Ticket ] [ Patch ]
Koji-Hub RPMTAG_SIGSHA2 Hashing: [ Ticket ] [ Patch ]

Attempting To Finally Contribute

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