Fedora-Arm Mailing List Monitor Bot

So I couldn’t find a reasonable way to manage the amount of mailing list email being sent to my personal and school address so I had to do this. I know you’re probably tired of seeing my various IRC bot scripts but I couldn’t take the amount of email that the mailing list generates. This is a bot which monitors the fedora-arm mailing list and posts any new changes to a given channel. Right now its being tested in the #seneca-cdot-arm channel on the freenode network.

Edit: Last updated on June 30, 2011


import os
import re
import sys
import time

import lbot

def fechfile(filename, urlnstri=""):
	resllist = []
		fileobjc = file("/tmp/%s" % (filename))
		readdata = fileobjc.read()
		return resllist
	readdata = readdata.strip().lower()
	readdata = readdata.replace("\t", "").replace("\r", "").replace("\n", "")
	readdata = readdata.replace("<li>", "\n<li>")
	readdata = readdata.replace("</i>", "</i>\n")
	readlist = readdata.split("\n")
	for readitem in readlist:
		readitem = readitem.strip()
		regxobjc = re.match('^<li><a href="([^"]+)">(.+)</a><a name="[^"]+">[^<]+</a><i>([^<]+)</i>$', readitem)
		if (regxobjc):
			reslstri = ("[%s] [%s] [ %s ]" % (regxobjc.group(3), regxobjc.group(2), urlnstri + regxobjc.group(1)))
	return resllist

def ircbmain():
	if (len(sys.argv) < 4):
		print("Usage: %s <nick> - <chan 0> ... <chan N>" % (sys.argv[0]))
	nickname = ""
	chanlist = []
	x = 1
	l = len(sys.argv)
	f = 0
	while (x < l):
		if (sys.argv[x] == "-"):
			f += 1
		elif (f == 0):
			nickname = sys.argv[x]
		elif (f == 1):
		x += 1
	websstri = ("http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/arm/%s-%s/" % (time.strftime("%Y"), time.strftime("%B")))
	p = os.fork()
	if (p == 0):
		websstri = ("%sdate.html" % (websstri))
		lbot.readurls(urlnlist=[websstri], filename=nickname)
	pastdata = []
	presdata = []
	lbot.ircbinit(nickname, chanlist)
	while (1):
		tempdata = fechfile(nickname, urlnstri=websstri)
		if (tempdata):
			presdata = tempdata
			if (not pastdata):
				pastdata = presdata
		ircdstri = lbot.ircbmain(pastdata, presdata)
		if (type(ircdstri) == type(-1)):
		if (presdata):
			pastdata = presdata


Fedora-Arm Mailing List Monitor Bot

7 thoughts on “Fedora-Arm Mailing List Monitor Bot

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